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Mona Augustin is a well known award winning Haitian musician, composer, talented artist, and advocate for women and children. Mona is a long time and well-known musician in Haiti and the Caribbean. He has performed solo in Haiti, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and the US as well as with many groups in Haiti. He wrote his first song at age 20. Now with more than 100 original songs and compilations he uses his music to help the world sing songs with social and sentimental themes. Mona captivates his audiences with his beautiful voice and music. His debut album titled Chanje lide sa with DILAM was produced by Melody Markers and released in 1993. Mamamee was his first solo CD released after the 2010 earthquake when he vowed to use his music and art to help his fellow Haitian brothers and sisters. In April 2017 Mona released “This Love is Blessed” and was honored to have the single “This Love is Blessed” win best folk song as a Akademia Music Award winner in August 2016. Mona uses his gift of melody and song to help people across the globe. Mona's band 2Rasin (2 Roots) will be releasing their debut Album in July 2017


2010 Radio Minustah United Nations Music Award: “Fanm” /“Woman, I am defending”

2016 (August) Akademia Music Award: Best Folk Song “ This Love Is Blessed”

10% of all Music Sales Donated

In January of 2010 Mona was working as a volunteer music teacher at St Vincent School for the handicapped. On January 10 Mona was sick and too ill to attend school that day. He was having trouble with his phone so he was not able to call the school. The children waited that afternoon for Mona to show up. When the earthquake hit Mona's home was destroyed and he lay buried in rubble. Fortunately for Mona he survived without serious injury but tragically everyone at the school perished that afternoon. Mona feels his life was spared for a reason. When he finally came out from under the concrete that covered him the people in his neighborhood were surprised he was still alive. Knowing he had many international connections (because he often played for foreign visitors) they pleaded with him to help them find help. He has since dedicated his life and music to the people of this community which now calls themselves Mozayik (Mosaic). 


Mona donates 10% of all his music sales to the non-profit organization, MOZAYIK. Learn more about the Villaj Mozayik in Haiti here:

To make a monetary donation to MOZAYIK: 

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